Tuesday, 4 August 2015

July tunes (roadtrip edition)

Matisyahu - Sunshine Bakermat - Vandaag  Outkast - Ms Jackson  Rob Simonsen - Red  Nekfeu - On verra  Bo en - Miss You  Macklemore - Victory Lap  
Fences - Arrows (ft Macklemore)  Lost Frequencies - Reality (ft Janieck Devy)  Early Hours - Smells Like Summer 
Major Lazor  - Lean On (ft MØ & Dj Snake)  James Vincent McMorrow - Cavalier (Samuraii Remix)

Here is a little selection of my fave tunes I've been enjoying listening while hitting the roads of France on my roadtrip in July. 
There are plenty more, but as mentioned at the beginning, this is a little selection I've made, but believe me, there are still very enjoyable!
Don't forget to click on the titles in bold so you can enjoy listening to the tunes too!


New in.

Booties: Anna Field

Because it was love at first sight.. and will be for a long time. 


Monday, 3 August 2015

Heatwave, part II.

Buttondown: H&M  Shorts: vintage Levi's  Footwear: Adidas Originals

The heatwave has made is comeback today. Thank you Switzerland for this way-too-hot-i-am-gonna-die summer. 


Sunday, 2 August 2015

Saturday, 1 August 2015

Friday, 31 July 2015

My dorm a home away from home

Hat: H&M  Dress: Mango  Boots: ideal

The bedding brand PARACHUTE HOME  asked me to share some of my essentials for my back to university. 
But to be completely fair, I don't really have any essentials, all I carry around with is my uni bag, pencil case, 
wallet, phone, charger & a lipstick if I am wearing one, nothing very exciting...

So I am going to share with you what I do to make of my dorm, a home away from home. 
First things first, my room is the place I spend the most of my time in. As soon as I come home, this is the first place I head to. 
As you might know from now, I love fashion, and all things fashion-related. My room then looks a lot like a showroom, 
I own two racks where I hang my seasonal & most-worn clothes. Every other month, I switch up from lightweight clothes for S/S, 
to warmer & thicker jumpers and tops for A/W. All in display just like my over 30 pairs of shoes. 

My bed is my cocoon and forever messy! This is how I like it, I never do my bed as I find it unnecessary and ridiculous. 
And yes I like to read. I easily read in bed, so there's always one or two read(s) by the bed. 
At the moment I am reading Paper towns by John Green, highly recommended guys! 

I am mess who lives in the mess! When it comes to folding clothes I am not here, hence why my closet is this messy!
 Do not worry, I happen to sort it out from time to time! 

 Making my dorm a home away from home is.. 
making it look like a showroom, playing around with my clothing, never doing my bed, & rarely folding my clothes. 
I let my messy being expressing itself through my room and that's why it feels like my home away from home..

I am just another girl with messy hair and a thirsty heart. 

Browse through Parachute Home for dreamy beddings and more stories!


Thursday, 30 July 2015

This time we're heading north west.. SAINT-MALO it is! Six hours drive from the suburb of Paris to the destination. 

We'd already drawn the route to take earlier in April (post here). 
We were pretty stunned to realise that even though we had a GPS, we stuck to our map route pretty close.

It was just the beginning but this boot of my car will slowly be full of all sorts of shopping bags.. be prepared!

And we arrived in Saint-Malo! As soon as we had a peek of it it left us breathless!

Tote bag: gifted  Blazer: Camaïeu  Top: eBay  Jeans: Cult vintage  Footwear: Adidas Originals

When I was telling you I had a thing for dressing room selfies...

Those people were brave that day! It was barely 22°C with a lot of wind and they dared to have a dip in the ocean. 
We weren't that daring as we considered the weather wasn't on our side.

The whole thing kept me breathless. As we lied there to watch, we realised how different but pleasant it was compared to Paris.. 
..and how lucky we were!

Apparently Saint-Malo has something to do with Quebec as these are Quebec flags waving around. 
But I couldn't find the story behind it.

We slept over at a friend's of mine who lives there when on holidays and she kindly invited us spend the night! 

She lives about 10 minutes away from Saint-Malo, and this is what we woke up to.. pretty blissful, I admit!

Encore mille mercis Charlie de nous avoir accueillies et de la soirée, ce fut vraiment top & ce dont on avait besoin après Paris!

And just like this we left dreamy Saint-Malo to head to the next destination: Nantes.