Monday, 21 July 2014

Happy 1st !

(Hat & bra - H&M// Tank top - Tally// Bottom - Kiloshop// Booties - thrifted)

Yesterday (July 20th) was my blog first anniversary.. One year of posting up my outfits, inspirations and wishlists with you guys. If you've been there since the very beginning, thank you for sticking out with me, if you new, thank you for coming along and welcome to Unhealthyfashion. I know it is just the beginning but I hope that the coming years ahead of me with my blog will be fantastic! 

As for me, Paléo Nyon Festival is officially starting up tomorrow and I can't wait to get in the festival mood with my pals and "soak up" all the good tunes that'll be playing out! Already exciting days coming ahead of me and prepping the festival mind set with this outfit ! 


Saturday, 19 July 2014

Loose on loose

(Shirt & loose pants - H&M// Shoes - Dr Martens)

Items I bought on sale whilst in Paris, love me the loose on loose effect. This is also the attire I sported for the train journey back home. 


Friday, 18 July 2014


(Shirt - vintage// gifted Bra & panties - Triangl)

Thank you loads Triangl Australia for my gift set, my body couldn't get any nicer underwear! 
I'm sporting the ISABEL - TANGERINE. Visit for more underwear and swimwear lusts! 


Saturday, 12 July 2014

Like a sailor

(Vest - Zara// Skinnies - H&M + DIY// Shoes - eBay)

I just do love my vests so when I saw this one on sale for less than a tenner, in marinière pattern with low side cuts, I had to buy it! 

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Friday, 11 July 2014

The perfect vest

(Vest - H&M// Boyfriends & booties - thrifted)

When in Dijon, I got myself a plain loose black vest. The armholes are perfect, the fit is perfect. This may be a basic piece of cloth, but I love it! Paired it with some BFs and my all time fave booties. 

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Thursday, 10 July 2014

Wishlist #12, July'14

Monthly wishlist:

1. Muscle tee w/ open back - Nola.nova

2. Boyfriend black tee - Rebecca Minkoff

3. Strap sandals - Dr Martens


5. Silver Oxford - BUY8WOOD.COM

6. Wide satin trousers - HM.COM

7. White triangle bra - LAGARCONNE.COM

8. Printed tank tops - UNIFCLOTHING.COM

9. Arm cuffs - WETSEAL.COM

10. Rayban sunglasses - REVOLVECLOTHING.COM

11. Lace & fringe kimono - 2020AVE.COM

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Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Shopping next door

(Hat & trousers - H&M// Button-down- thrifted// Rucksack - vintage// Shoes - Dr Martens)

Switzerland is having the shittiest weather this week. It's all day gloomy and pouring rain, like I know this is "typical" to summer, but a whole week? C'mon! 

Anyway, despite the gloomy weather, a couple of friends and I went to Dijon, France yesterday to do some shopping. "Why so far?" -you'd ask.. well, because we wanted to go to Primark, and Switzerland lacking of Primark in its territory, we drove to the one next door. Hopefully it didn't rain in Dijon, it was also all gloomy and windy sometimes but no rain. To be fair, if it'd rained we wouldn't be bothered as we spent our entire day in shops and the car. Bought loads of clothes that I am particularly happy about, and I can't wait to buy even some more as I'm leaving for Paris Monday morning! Eeeek *drool*

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