For the sake of.. festivals.

Photo credit: Pinterest

Festival season is slowly coming to an end in Europe. But I will still be enjoying the one which is probably my last of the year.. 
Zurich Open Air, we're expecting four days of pure bliss, music & fun! Be ready, we're coming at you!



Back to the game.

Leather jacket: Mango  Hat & jeans: H&M  Tee: Zara  Belt : vintage  Booties: Anna Field

Been some time since I've last snapped one of my outfits.. so you might guess it got me some kind of feelings being back to the game? 
Hence the crazy poses.. but please bear with me and my crazy soul, this is just who I am, I'm cool on a daily basis, well.. this is what my friends say! 



This time we're heading to Bordeaux, but decided to have a pit stop at La Rochelle, because why not?

Those goofy faces are the results of how happy we are to finally get our bodies to the beach.

And then we arrived! 

While we were there, there was the Francofolies festival going on, which is one of the best festival of France.

France has some really cool bar names. This one is called "The children of rock" and I like that!

The excitement got seriously big! First time having a dip in the ocean during the roadtrip! This pit stop was a win!

Believe me, we were happy to be in our bikinis and at the beach! Plus the water was super warm! 

Meanwhile in the streets of La Rochelle..

The festival line-up!

The taste of that salted caramel ice cream will forever be in my mouth! It was heavenly!

Then we've been typical tourists for 5 minutes..

And en route to Bordeaux!

This is my friend Noémi guys, probably the best roadtrip partner I could ever ask for! 
..and this is my favourite picture of her, look at that cheeky smile? 

Do I need to say more?

Bordeaux by night is beautiful and cosy!

Rue Sainte-Catherine.. the main street, or the street I got my wallet stolen with all my life in it.. 

Bordeaux is known for its wine, we couldn't leave the city without visiting one of its beautiful wine shop!

The heatwave was on (during all the roadtrip!) so we had to cool down somehow! What a genius idea that is Bordeaux!

Really cold water was our best friend during these two-weeks roadtrip! The heatwave got us some kind of feeling, not gonna lie!

A few hours before my wallet got stolen.. hopefully I am still smiling here, because the rest of the evening I wasn't so joyful.. 

Next destination(s): La Dune du Pilat (pit stop) & Toulouse